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Thinking about Christian Homeschooling

Recently I posted in my instagram/fb a set of resources we just put onto our sliding door. One that we gotten off the net (yay to free printables!), printed, cut and set on foam boards months ago. It took me ages to finally get it up on our door.

Besides friends asking us where we got it from, (here :, a friend also offered to share her resources…. which got me thinking about a LOT of stuff.

which got me excited, yet overwhelmed.

Just so I don’t allow myself to get excited merely for a brief moment as our chat log becomes overwritten by other conversations, I want to use this space to record the resources she shared, so that I may be able to refer to them as and when.

Steadfast family’s play through the bible

abc jesus loves me

hubbard’s cupboard

happy hymnody

Little hands to heaven

Bible study guide for all ages

Charlotte mason’s laying down the rails

Intentional Homeschooling

Busy Toddler

The Habitat Schoolhouse



Steve Green hide ’em in your heart album


The big picture story bible

rhyme bible storybook

Being intentional in playing/teaching/discipling my child (and ourselves as adults) take effort and sometimes the heart is willing, but the flesh is weak. I need to read through the resources, digest them, start planning and start implementing them soon.

At the same time, I’m learning to be intentional in living my life as well.

I read this somewhere and it struck a cord in my heart:

how do we pour out into the lives of our children if our own lives are not filled?


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Our 3 weeks in Singapore

What a busy 3 weeks we’ve had in SG.

Busy exploring places, busy meeting family and friends, busy having fun – especially for Noel.

Noel tried all kinds of different food while back in SG – kway teow, chee cheong fun, prata, hor fun, fish soup, mee tai mak, soy bean milk, soy bean curd, you tiao, curry puff, fish ball, egg tarts, curly fries…etc. I love how he is willing to try different things, even if its just one bite, before he decides whether to have more of it or not.

We also visited many places, from the regular playground and water play areas in our neighbourhood, to the library, the National Gallery, the Jewel at Changi Airport, Ikea, the zoo (for his birthday), and even had a mini staycation at our uncle’s condo where N had a lovely dip in the pool. Noel also had a haircut in Sg, rode a mall train, took many bus and train rides.  We also caught a movie in the cinema – Lion King, which he enjoyed. Went to church, and all 3 times N behaved really well during service. Went to an indoor play area (Tayo Station) where he raced round and round in the little cars. He truly enjoyed all these experiences and one can see how much fun he had, especially at the water play areas! As parents, it made me smile just to see him grow through all these experiences, being brave enough to try them, and thoroughly enjoying himself.

But beyond the new food and new experiences the little one had, it was the meeting and spending time with family and friends, especially in the celebration of him turning 2, that made me feel that coming back to SG for his birthday was the right decision in the end.  He interacted so well with his great grandmother, grand aunties and granduncles, grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins with willing hugs and kisses all around. He blew so many candles and ate so much cake. He loved it when the birthday song is sung and he could blow the candles out! It was such a joy seeing him so happy and being so loved by family and friends.

All in all, even though the hubby and i were tired and exhausted most of the days in SG, we managed to squeeze in a bit of couple time, and I feel that we had a really fulfilling vacation back home.

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Turning 2

As you turn two, my little dear
I watch you bring so much cheer
To your grandparents, uncles and aunties
To everyone far and near

You love to sing your ABCs
in random situations spontaneously
you love those little alphabet biscuits
as you identify the letters excitedly

Vehicles are your fave
to buses, cars, trucks you’d wave
A new word you’ve learnt recently,
“momocycle” you’d say

Everything we eat, you’d want to try
“try try” you’d say, and we’d hardly deny
From kway teow to you char kway
Prata, cheong fun, egg tarts and dao huey

Splashing in water is your kind of fun
Especially in this Singapore sun
Your laughter rings through the air
As through the water you’d run

As you turn two, my beloved son
Watching you grow has been so much fun
Challenging too, at times, no doubt
But the memories are such treasured ones.

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Sunflower Village @ Uchinada

Despite a storm advisory for the afternoon, the hubby decided we should visit a sunflower village at Uchinada, about an hour or so drive away from our home.

We visited a sunflower farm last year, and I thought it would be similar. However, this sunflower village is HUGE! and there’s a maze  (which we couldn’t figure the way out and walked back the way we entered) and platforms to climb atop to view the sunflowers from a higher vantage point.

We had an enjoyable time admiring the huge sunflowers, and N even got to touch one (briefly, coz he was immediately covered with yellow pollen!!). But the sun was ablaze, and we couldn’t stay longer. We popped by a dairy farm nearby, and N got to see a goat, a pony and feed a few bunnies.

A simple Saturday out in the countryside.

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a mother’s sunday emotions

I was lying in bed when I heard the door open, and closed…. and I knew the hubby has brought the son out to play.

And in that instant, i felt a sense of relief washing over me.

It has been a few trying days.

Understandably so since the son fell ill with a fever and though the fever has broken, he is still really clingy and whiney and grouchy and demanding ( we suspect he might have mild HFMD, coz we detected a few red spots) and the overall manja-ness is really getting on my nerves. I try my best to be as patient as possible…. but sometimes the repetition of “mamamamama…” or “nennennennen..” really drives me nuts. I got really mad yesterday when the husband’s sudden braking at the red light caused the little one to jerk awake from his nap in the carseat, because I was really looking forward to just having a shut eye and a QUIET rest on our drive back home. I was like DESPERATE for a break.

So… hearing that silence when they went out was a great relief. Even if just for a few moments. Just that few moments where I know he is safe with his father, enjoying their time together, and that I can rest and be by myself.

And then just as immediately, I felt guilt. For wanting to be alone. For selfishly wanting that moment of silence. For wanting time for myself. Even though I know that its ok to feel that way, that its ok to acknowledge that I too am human and need space, the mum guilt does creep up and creep in.

Motherhood is really one of those things where you can’t get any off days, or MCs , even  more so when we are living where we don’t get any help from family or friends or babysitters. That’s when it is so important when the hubby steps in, and I am so thankful when he does so, even when he’s tired, so that I can get that “me” time he knows i need to recharge. Loved.



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Kenmin Beach Park

So, thanks to the wonderful pages of FB, a friend living in Knz posted a picture of her visit to a waterpark, I asked her about it, she sent me the link to the website, and we decided to check it out over the weekend.

And I’m so glad we did!

it’s like the old BigSplash in Singapore, with the waterslides and waterplay area, as well as the regular pools. There were food stalls inside where we could get snacks , and lots of tentage shaded areas where we could lay down our picnic mats and put our stuff and just chill.

Interesting things we learnt while we were there was that for every 40mins of play in the pools, a bell would sound and everyone had to get out of the pool to rest for 10mins. After 10mins, there would be a exercise warm-up music playing over the sound system and everyone would be up and about doing the standard warmups before going back into the pool.

Also, Jap women don’t really wear swim suits. They wear those scuba diving kinda suits that cover their whole body….or those thin airism sort of jkt to cover their arms. Good tip because i thought that since it was a cloudy day, i didn’t wear my UV protection sleeves and i didn’t put sunblock and ended up with heat rash.

And the variety of floats! whales and planes and donuts…. i think N had a ball of time just watching the flurry of activities.

We spent quite a bit of time in the tentages, snacking on bread and grapes and after that, having fried rice and fried chicken bought from one of the stalls. (Note to self to pack lunch next time…. like all these Jap families enjoying their onigiri and yakisoba and chips and watermelon!)

N took a while to get used to the new environment and experience…. from not wanting to step into the water, to waddling in a little, to going into waist deep and sitting at the edge splashing his feet and splashing water everywhere!

it was a lovely summer outing.

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In Nature

Hailing from a urban city such as Singapore, moving to rural Japan was “interesting”. The seasonal insect invasions were the most challenging, in addition to trying to adapt to the weather, climate and place.

However, we’ve been here more than a year, and besides knowing what to expect each season, now that N’s much bigger and independent, we have been enjoying our little walks around the neighbourhood…which basically  consists of the area around the school, the rest-stop opposite the school and the little house and farms around it.

N has somehow also developed both a fear and an interest in insects. Mostly, fear, which I’m trying my best to help him overcome (says the mother who hates insects of all sorts). He will see ants crawling on the ground, and refuse to walk. And I’ve gotta tell him that its ok. There is no need to be afraid of them, mama is here, let’s hold hands and walk together. Gradually, he is less frightened of them. Just the other day, he sat on the ground, and one ant crawled by, and he just watched it, without clinging onto me.

We’ve also watched the swallows build their nests, watched the little birds chirping away, and the parent birds flying to feed them. We’ve ran along the drains that bring water to the farms and blew dandelions, pulled flowers and grabbed dried grass off the ground.

I love the carefree way he runs and enjoys nature without me having to say “no” this and “no” that. He can pick up pebbles and stones and trample on grass and swing all the lalang he wants…all I have to do is to wash his hands when he gets home. (I’M BECOMING A CHILL MOTHER!!!)

I love that he’s growing up surrounded by nature. That he has all this space to explore.

I’m reminded of this hymn – This is my Father’s world.

This is my Father’s world,
And to my list’ning ears
All nature sings, and round me rings
The music of the spheres.
This is my Father’s world:
I rest me in the thought
Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas—
His hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father’s world:
The birds their carols raise,
The morning light, the lily white,
Declare their Maker’s praise.
This is my Father’s world:
He shines in all that’s fair;
In the rustling grass I hear Him pass,
He speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father’s world:
Oh, let me ne’er forget
That though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father’s world,
The battle is not done:
Jesus who died shall be satisfied,
And earth and Heav’n be one.